Anglin Lake

XCountry skiing in Saskatchewan? Think about it. What choice do we have? There really isn't any downhill here: no mountains and barely any hills. And, once the snow hits the ground, it stays. Nothing melts until late spring.

We really enjoy it. Out in the fresh air, in a variety of weather. We have been skiing in howling snowstorms at -25 degree, in crisp bright sunshine at -35 degrees... Most of the time we end up skiing in gentle winds, with the temperature around -10 or -15 degrees. In late spring, it does finally get above freezing, and we discover once again, that snow can be wet. Here, in the semi-arid desert that is Saskatchewan, we don't get much snowfall, but that which does fall is blown around like dust for months. Usually it will remain soft and fluffy the whole winter. The woods remain silent, quietly muffled by the soft blanket of snow.

Our group consists of experienced skiers, competent skiers and enthusiastic novices (you know who you are!). We do lots of short little trips out from the cabin around or across the lake, and a few more major (three to four hour) trips every year. We don't really do enough to get any better, but we are getting a lot more experienced!

Elaine on Emma Lake

Here is a link (provided by Ski Sask) to a map of where we ski.

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